Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Top Radio Consultants from RAB’s
Sales Consultant Series at the Radio Show

In this edition of the Radio on Main Street Podcast Jeff Schmidt, Vice President of Professional Development at the RAB, talks to some of the industry’s top consultants as they wrap up our Sales Consultant Series seminar at the Radio Show.

When it comes to change in our business, the cliches are numerous. We all know change is a process, not an event. But the only thing we know for sure is that change is constant. In sales, specifically media sales, the landscape changes hourly, it seems.

In this future-focused discussion, the panel looks at how we contact and engage clients and what we need to study, research, and know in advance of client meetings. The RAB’s 7 Steps to Selling Success haven’t changed, they’ve become more sophisticated and even more demanding. Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed is the amount of time in a day.


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