Whet the Appetite with Radio

Isn’t it odd that when you hear someone talking about a meal they had you suddenly crave it?  And the more descriptive they become – using words like creamy, spicy, and juicy – that image comes to life, driving you to crave it even more.  These words don’t have to come from someone sitting next to you to whet your appetite; they can come from listening to the radio.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Features Allen Ginsberg Sharing Insights On
The Power Of Data For Radio

In this podcast Tammy Greenberg, from RAB’s  Business Development team is joined by Allen Ginsberg, President of Allen Ginsberg Associates.

A big fan of radio, Allen advises us as an industry to continue to sell radio as a local media, a targeted media, a genre media and to find a digestible way to share data that proves it works to drive sales.

Radio Rules the Road

“It’s Saturday night, about time to go.  Got my white leather jacket and a neon soul.  Once I turn on the radio I’m ready to roll.”  Those lyrics from Maren Morris’ “80s Mercedes” resonate with everyone.  Who doesn’t know that feeling of getting in the car, turning the radio on and listening to your favorite songs? Continue reading “Radio Rules the Road”

Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Insights from Borrell Associates’ 2017
Local Online Advertising Conference.

RAB’s Senior Vice President of Professional Development Jeff Schmidt reports from the Local Online Advertising Conference 2017 held recently in New York City. Jeff is joined by broadcast executives Vince Benedetto, Bold Gold Media, Tim Murphy, Entercom Communications, and the conference organizer, Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates.

In this roundtable conversation, you’ll hear everyone’s thoughts and key takeaways from this year’s conference.

Radio + Smartphone = Constant

According to Statista, there will be well over 220 million smartphone users by the end of 2017.  These users will engage with radio in various ways – texting, downloading or just listening in.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast Featuring Key Takeaways from the ANA Media Leadership Conference

Tammy Greenberg leads RAB’s Business Development team and in this episode of Radio on Main Street, she reports from the Association of National Advertiser’s Media Leadership Conference held last week in Orlando.  Tammy is joined by colleagues from the Katz Partnership team for a unique round table conversation.  Listen in as they share key takeaways from this year’s conference and what they learned from spending three days with the advertisers and agencies that are shaping today’s media landscape.