Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Ruth Gaviria, Entercom Communications

In this episode, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber speaks with Ruth Gaviria.  Ruth is the CMO of Entercom Communications.  She is a passionate marketer who brings tremendous brand management and media expertise to her trailblazing role at Entercom.  You’ll hear directly from her – how radio’s local connections combined with smart integrated marketing across all platforms, and flawless implementation are encouraging advertisers to get to know radio and ensure it’s in their total media strategy.

Don’t Take Radio for Granted

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Broadcast radio has many strengths.  It’s live and local.  You can tune in to hear your favorite songs, get the latest weather and traffic updates.  Maybe you turn it on just to keep you company or hear the play-by-play of the game. But radio also has other strengths that are often taken for granted, and even sometimes, overlooked.

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Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Seth Resler, Jacobs Media

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber sits down at the recently held Morning Show Bootcamp with Seth Resler.  Resler is the Digital Dot Connector at Jacobs Media.  He’s a podcasting veteran with extensive experience in online marketing.  In his conversation with Erica, he talks about who is right for podcasting, how to go about doing it and explains how the medium is monetized.

Marketing Measurement Evolves:
Why You Should Care About Multi-Touch Attribution

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Today’s post is courtesy of Jim Spaeth and Alice K. Sylvester of Sequent Partners.

“ROI.” “ROI.” “ROI.” whined Jan Brady.

Ok, maybe not, but you can’t go too far these days without encountering the term Return on Investment. ROI performance is on everyone’s mind – auto dealers, big retailers, movie companies … all of radio’s advertisers.

But just as we wrapped our heads around the advanced math of econometric marketing mix models, the measurement world changed. Today, the venerable, powerful marketing mix models are considered too slow, too macro and too backwards-thinking for most marketers. They need tools that are more granular and more comprehensive – tools like they have in digital, where they can attribute sales to digital touchpoints and map a consumer’s journey from search to website to reviewers’ blogs to Facebook to Amazon.

Attribution modeling is leaving the digital ecosystem and will play a key role in cross-platform ROI analysis. It’s a very hot topic full of promise and right now, some bluster.

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Why You Should Care About Multi-Touch Attribution”

Radio on Main Street Podcast featuring Susan Larkin, Cox Media Group

In this episode of Radio on Main Street, RAB President and CEO Erica Farber speaks with Susan Larkin.  Susan is the Regional Vice President at Cox Media Group.  She leads her teams in Orlando and Jacksonville by example and sets the tone for an authentic, kind and collaborative organization.  You’ll hear directly from her – how vision, trust and recognition matter when it comes to leadership and why radio especially matters to our listeners.

Radio’s Place in the New Local Media
Advertising Marketplace

Driving on an empty road towards the setting sun and sunbeams to upcoming new 2017 year and leaving 2016 behind. Concept for success and passing time.

With only 9 weeks left before we bid farewell to 2016, we asked Mark Fratrik, Ph.D., SVP and Chief Economist with BIA/Kelsey to provide with us with radio’s outlook for 2017.

Where do local radio stations stand in the new local media advertising marketplace, especially compared to their traditional and online/digital competitors? According to the recently published 2017 BIA/Kelsey U.S Local Advertising Forecast, which provides a five year national forecast and 12 individual media forecasts, radio does reasonably well. The combination of online activities with the over-the-air advertising leads to a 10.5% share of the $148.8B local advertising pie in 2017.

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Advertising Marketplace”